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LinkedIn is a professional, business-oriented social network that allows you to show off your industry-relevant expertise and make connections with potential employers or future colleagues.

  • Think about LinkedIn as your online resume.
  • Your profile should feature a professional headshot, a summary of who you are and what you do, current and previous employment, along with relevant tasks and responsibilities you held in those roles, education history, and skills.
  • You can use LinkedIn to set up email alerts for recommended jobs. It can be great for company research. And more recruiters are also using LinkedIn to headhunt and find job candidates.
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Best Practices

  • Tailor your experience to fit the industry
  • Make sure your experience is aligned with what industry is looking for. Fill out the Background, Experience and Skills & Expertise sections and tailor descriptions to match with desired industry-relevant, key responsibilities.
  • Update your profile regularly
  • New updates appear in the LinkedIn feeds of those you're connected with, so updating your profile keeps you top of mind with potential employers.
  • Keep your connections professional
  • You don’t necessarily want all of your contacts to be your friends. Make connections with people who are in the industry, people who may be able to help further your career
  • Join industry-related groups
  • Associate yourself and your profile with industry-relevant groups. There you can watch for job postings, stay top-of-mind for potential employers or future colleagues, and participate in career-related conversations
  • Endorse others for their skills and ask for recommendations
  • You can boast about your skills as much as you want but it sounds a lot better coming from people who have worked with you. Endorse your connections for skills and ask connections to do the same for you. Reach out to current and previous employers and colleagues to provide recommendations (short, online references) that appear on your page

Starting a club or class social media account

As an institute, NAIT does not get involved in student-run club or class social media accounts.

If you’re interested in starting a social media account for your student group, you’re free to create as you wish, but we encourage you to keep student social media guidelines in mind.

  • Student groups can use the NAIT name, but we ask you to avoid using or altering our logo.
  • Please specify in your account bio that you are a student group, to avoid confusion with official department accounts.

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