Outreach and Wellbeing Leaders

NAIT's Outreach and Well-being Leaders ensure that a peer-based approach of holistic support to our students is delivered on campus through initiatives and events throughout the year.

In collaboration with Student Well-being and Community service areas, our OWLs have facilitated or supported things such as :

  • PAWs for a Break
  • Art Therapy
  • Health Fair
  • Movemeber
  • Pride Week
  • Healthy Relationship Week
  • and many more on-going wellness endeavors programmed year-round.
NAIT Outreach and Wellbeing Leaders

Bringing their own set unique strengths and personal experiences of being a NAIT student, our OWLs connect students with information on campus resources and facilitate well-being breaks to promote a balanced post-secondary experience. By supporting events, leading activities, and collaborating with leaders within Campus Life, OWLs demonstrate NAIT’s commitment to support the mental, physical and academic well-being of the their peers.

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We are accepting applications for the Fall/Winter semester. Application deadline is March 31st.

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