Sheena Dukewich

Published on July 22, 2019

When searching for a post-secondary institution, NAIT had everything I was looking for – technology-based learning, industry-experienced instructors, small class sizes, flexible class schedules, and hands-on learning opportunities. As a student with learning differences (disabilities), proper supports were key for my success and NAIT has a superb Learning Services Centre where I’ve received a lot of support from. I previously completed a Hospitality Management diploma at NAIT, and the support I received from Learning Services and my instructors helped me graduate with honors – something I’m very proud of.

My favorite thing about NAIT is the people. The instructors and NAIT staff are relatable, friendly, and caring, and the students become more than just your peers… they become family and friends. NAIT’s friendly, safe, engaging, and fun environment makes it easy to feel comfortable.

As a Campus Ambassador I have strengthened my public speaking, leadership, and interpersonal skills. During tours I often share my previous struggles with my learning differences and how much NAIT has been there for me; it’s cool to hear prospective students say that they feel the same way. Being a Campus Ambassador has been rewarding and I have met so many great people – with all that I have experienced on campus, I feel the entire world has been opened up to me. NAIT says it’s essential to Alberta; however, NAIT has proven to be essential to me, too!