Jericho Mojica

Published on July 22, 2019

I chose NAIT because it provides technology-based education and has well-established connections to industry. As an international student, NAIT provides me with the technical knowledge and soft skills that will help me fit the Canadian work culture. What I like most about NAIT is the fun events and free food – asides from that, I like how NAIT values diversity and has a close-knit community.

When I was a new student, I instantly felt I belonged here because everyone – students, instructors, and other NAIT staff –was friendly, warm, and welcoming. As a Campus Ambassador, I like making guests feel welcome the way I felt welcomed when I first came to NAIT.

My favorite part of being a Campus Ambassador is sharing my own personal experience with prospective students so that they know what to expect if they choose to attend NAIT. I also enjoy all of the friendships I’ve formed with the Campus Ambassadors and students outside of my program. The Campus Ambassador Program has provided me lots of opportunities to develop skills in leadership, communication, and collaboration.

Leading campus tours has made me more confident in speaking to a large group of people. We also have personal development sessions that help prepare us to become better professionals after our studies at NAIT. Being a Campus Ambassador definitely made my NAIT experience complete; I learned a lot in the classroom, but also learned other skills that will be helpful for my future.