Wellness Boosts Academics

Student Counselling at NAIT designs a variety of outreach events to support students' wellness.  These initiatives are funded in part by the Province of Alberta, and offer the following:

  • tangible opportunity to take a break from usual routine, especially during academically heavy parts of the semester
  • tangible reminder to students and staff that NAIT is committed to students’ holistic wellness
  • examples of how a student might create their own opportunities to promote their own wellness
  • avenue for Student Counselling (and allied departments) staff to address the portion of the student body that has not received direct in-office service
  • specific activities proven to reduce stress and boost wellness
  • opportunity to share information about how and where to access NAIT’s nonacademic supports
    • Treating depression boosts grades and promotes retention
  • chance for students to meet care providers in person; being able to “look us in the eye” and see us as familiar members of the NAIT community is an important component of deciding to trust and seek help
  • chance for students to ask questions of subject matter experts
  • vehicle for interdepartmental and community wellness-industry professional collaboration