Print on Campus

We have the solution for all of your printing needs! Print devices located in NAIT's common-use computer labs are 3-in-1 printer/copier/scanners. Some labs are also equipped with large format printers and plotters.  

With printers and plotters set up in various locations around campus, you can easily print, copy and plot documents using your MyNAIT Portal login credentials and your one AT NAIT card. Scan to email or USB is also available on all student 3-in-1 devices.

Printing on Campus

Mobile Printing – B&W only

Use the PrinterOn app to print files from your personal device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.) You must have your MyNAIT Portal login and one AT NAIT card to send mobile print jobs.

  • Mobile printing is available at any NAITFollowYouPrint location.
  • You can submit print jobs from home and print when you get on campus.
  • Jobs are stored in the print queue for up to 8 hours.
  • A maximum file limit of 20 MB per print job is permitted.
  • For a list of compatible file types, please see the PrinterOn list of compatible file types (pdf).
  • Plotting is not available using mobile printing. To plot your files, please visit the CAT Computer Commons in CAT215.or Library Services for full-service.

How to print using the app  How to print using the website

How to Print on Campus

All NAIT students and staff have the ability to use their one AT NAIT card account to print and copy on campus. The cost of printing & copying is debited from this account. Students must have enough money on their account to complete their print, copy or plot job to use the system.

Printing Locations

NAITFollowYouPrint B113 (Hallway)
CAT2X5 (CAT 2nd floor study space)
CAT215 (CAT Computer Commons)
CAT318 (CAT 3rd floor hallway)
CAT4X4 (CAT 4th floor study space)
L1X9 (Next to elevator)
O115 (South Lobby)
P150 (Patricia Campus)
T007 (Computer Commons)
U210 (LTC Study Lounge)
U310 (Library Services)
W203 (NAITSA Computer Commons)
W310 (Study lounge)
X216 (Hallway)
Z101 (Souch Campus)
CAT-CAD-Follow-You CAT280, CAT282, CAT284, CAT286, CAT288, CAT290
Other print credit printers in labs and classrooms Check with your instructor

How to Print on a 3-in-1 device

Submit print job(s) to “NAITFollowYouPrint” via:

To release your job, swipe your one AT NAIT card at the print release station next to the printer

  • Select [DEFAULT]
  • Select [LOGIN]
  • Select [FollowYouPrinting]
  • Select the box next to your document's name
  • Select [PRINT] in the upper left-hand corner of the screen
  • Select [LOGOUT] to finish

How to Select Finishing options on 3-in-1 device

On all NAITFollowYouPrint 3-in-1 devices in a computer lab

  • On the keyboard, press CTRL-P
  • Choose the printer “NAITFollowYouPrint”
  • Specify page range, number of copies etc.  
  • Press the PROPERTIES/PREFERENCES button to select Finishing Options 

NOTE: All print jobs are single sided B&W unless the user goes into the Preferences/Properties for the printer and changes the Colour mode to “Colour” on the BASIC TAB, or changes the finishing options of duplex, staple or hole punch on the FINISHING TAB.  

How to set finishing options

How to Copy on a 3-in-1 device

For copying you must have a minimum of $0.35 on your one AT NAIT card to begin.

At a NAITFollowYouPrint location, place original(s) face up on the document feeder tray or face down on the platen glass.

  • On the control panel of the 3-in1 device, press the [COPY] button
  • Swipe your one AT NAIT card at the print release station next to the printer
  • Select [DEFAULT]
  • Select [LOGIN]
  • Select [ENABLE Copier]
  • Choose copy settings on the 3-in-1 device
  • Press [START] to begin
  • Select [LOGOUT] to finish

How to Scan on a 3-in-1 device

For scanning, you do not need to swipe your ID card on 3-in-1 devices - scanning is free

At a NAITFollowYouPrint location, place original(s) face up on the document feeder tray or face down on the platen glass.

  • On the control panel of the 3-in1 device, press the [SCAN] button
  • Choose scan settings on the 3-in-1 device
  • Select [E-MAIL] or [USB] to begin
  • For email, select [TO], then [INPUT] to add email address
  • For usb, insert usb into the device on the right side
  • Choose scan settings
  • Select [SCAN] to finish

For Large Format Scanning services (scans larger than 11x17), please visit Library Services in U310

How to Plot

Common-use large format printers/plotters are available in the CAT Computer Commons (CAT215).  These plotters are loaded with 36-inch rolls of plain paper and can print B&W as well as colour.

To plot, choose the printer called “CAT215Plotters”.  This printer is available as a choice in several locations (W203, U310 Library, U210, CAT215 and several Citrix environments).  To release your print job, you will have to swipe your NAIT ID card on the plotters, which are in CAT215.

Other large format printers on campus:

Some NAIT programs have other large format printers for student use but these printers are not accessible to all students as they are in labs specific to the program area they are located.  If you require assistance with these devices, please speak with your instructor.

Print, Plot & Copy pricing

Print & Copy on 3-in1 machines - 20lb Bond paper – Letter, Legal, Tabloid/Ledger

Page Size B&W Colour
Letter or Legal – 8.5x11 or 8.5x14 $0.12 per side $0.35 per side
Tabloid/Ledger – 11x17 $0.22 per side $0.70 per side

Plot on Large Format Printer/Plotters – 24lb Plain Bond – 36-inch rolls

Price varies depending on user page set up and print settings selected in print driver

Page Size B&W/Colour - $0.17 per linear inch
ARCH C, A2 $2.70 to $3.06 $2.70 to $3.06
ARCH D, A1 $3.51 to $4.08 $3.51 to $4.08
ARCH E, A0 $6.60 to $7.96 $6.60 to $7.96

Add money for Print, Plot & Copy

There are several ways to add money to your one AT NAIT card. For all payment options, you'll need your MyNAIT portal ID login or one AT NAIT card.

  • Add funds online with a credit card using your personal device:  
  • Add cash at a paystation location: CAT215, Souch Campus Lobby, U210 or W203  
  • Add funds at eat AT NAIT, shop AT NAIT, one AT NAIT locations or at Library Services in U310
one AT NAIT card