Glossary of NAIT Terms

My Applications

View your application requirements, admission status, and how to accept an offer to attend NAIT.

What My Status Means

Application Cancelled – Your application has been cancelled and will not be reactivated. For admission into a NAIT credit program, you must submit a new application through ApplyAlberta.  

Application Received – The Office of the Registrar is reviewing your application. To be considered for admission, you must fulfil any outstanding requirements listed in your MyNAIT Portal. Documents may show as outstanding for up to 4 weeks after receipt.  

Automated Matriculation – You have been admitted into your program and accepted your seat. This appears after the payment of your tuition deposit. Check your MyNAIT Portal for your enrolment date.

Manual Matriculation – You have been admitted and manually confirmed into your program. This may appear if you were admitted into a program after the tuition payment deadline.

Conditional Acceptance – You have been offered admission into the program of your choice, pending the completion of the remaining entrance requirements. To accept your offer, you must pay the non-refundable tuition deposit and complete any outstanding entrance requirements by the deadline in your MyNAIT Portal. Your admission may be revoked if you do not complete these conditions.

Full Acceptance – You have been accepted into the program of your choice. To accept your offer of admission, you must pay the non-refundable tuition deposit by the deadline indicated in your MyNAIT Portal under “Tuition Deposit.”

Non-Competitive Waitlisted – While you have met the minimum entrance requirements for the program, you have not met the competitive entrance requirements. Competitive applicants will be admitted first. Non-competitive applicants are only accepted if there is space in the program, and no other competitive applicants have applied. You will be notified through the MyNAIT Portal if you received an offer of admission. For more information, see Waitlist FAQs (pdf).

Pending Program Decision – Your application has been reviewed by the Office of the Registrar and has been forwarded to the program to make the final decision on your admission.

Program Full Waitlisted – While you have met all the entrance requirements, the program you applied to is currently full. Your application will remain active in the event seats become available. You will be notified through MyNAIT portal if you receive an offer of admission. For more information, see Waitlist FAQs (pdf).

Waitlist - The Office of the Registrar will admit or conditionally admit applicants into programs until the program is full. Once a program is full, qualified applicants are placed on a waitlist. NAIT maintains two different types of waitlists: one for competitive programs and one for non-competitive programs.

Competitive Programs Waitlist – Programs with competitive entrance requirements have a waitlist for applicants who meet the competitive average and a non-competitive waitlist for applicants who meet the minimum requirements. Competitive program waitlists are organized by your admission average.

Non-competitive Programs Waitlist – Waitlisted applicants in a non-competitive program are ranked according to the date their application was completed (as long as all entrance requirements are met).

Application Requirements

Outstanding Items – Entrance requirements that need to be fulfilled in your application. For more details, review entrance requirements. Failing to complete these items will result in the cancellation of your application. Note: Documents may take up to 10 business days to be reviewed.

To Do Items – (see Outstanding Items)

Upload & View Documents

Official Transcripts – A complete record of your academic progress, including courses taken, transfer credit awarded, and certifications granted. Transcripts are official if they are issued in a sealed, stamped envelope directly from the educational institution. Read how to submit official transcripts from outside of Alberta.

Unofficial Transcripts – Transcripts that have been scanned—in colour— on both sides of the original document and uploaded to the MyNAIT Portal are considered unofficial. Applicants who have only submitted unofficial transcripts and other documents are eligible for conditional acceptance. You are required to submit identical official documents by the date indicated on your MyNAIT Portal to secure full acceptance.

Cancel My Application

Program Cancellation – Cancelling your program cannot be undone, and your application will not be reactivated. If you cancel your application(s) at any time before the start of your courses, you forfeit your application fee and your spot in the associated program or waitlist. If you wish to reapply to a program, you will need to resubmit an application and pay any associated fees again. If your program has already started, you will need to complete the program withdrawal process.

My Academics

Everything relating to your academics while at NAIT, including course enrolment, grades, and advanced credit.

Open Enrollment Dates by Session – If you have paid your tuition deposit, you can enroll in classes starting on this date. You can add classes to your shopping cart, but you are not eligible to enrol until your enrolment date.

Term Enrolment Shopping Cart – The place where you can temporarily save classes until you are eligible to enrol (see Enrolment date).

Confirmation of Enrollment

Enrolment Verification – Used to confirm your attendance, credentials, current and part enrolment and GPA.

My Online Enrolment

Credit Programs Walkthrough – Step-by-step directions on how to enroll in a credit program. You must be accepted in a credit program to enroll, and you must enroll in all your courses each academic year.

Enrolment Date – The date when you can reserve a seat in your program by selecting courses for the upcoming academic year. You will be able to enroll in courses the day after your tuition deposit is received, even if enrolment has already opened. You cannot add courses before this date. Note: Enrolment dates may vary depending on your program and year of study.

Enrolment Deadline – If you do not enroll in your courses by this date, your admission to your program will be cancelled. This deadline can be found on the Program Acceptance e-letter you received in your MyNAIT Portal.

Enrolment WalkthroughStep-by-step directions on enrolment, including when to enroll, planning your schedule, and completing your enrolment.

New Student Orientation – An opportunity for incoming students to receive essential information about student services, fee payments, and campus life at NAIT.

Open Studies WalkthroughStep-by-step directions and information on how to enroll as an Open Studies student.

Payment Deadline – The date you must pay all outstanding fees to secure a seat in your courses. If you do not pay by this date, your offer of acceptance will be cancelled. Note: Open Studies students must make the full payment for each course at the time of enrolment.

Schedule Planner – The Schedule Planner helps you plan your class schedule, but it does not enroll you in courses automatically. Note: it is possible that a course can fill up while you are using the planner.

Plan My Program

Co-requisites – A course that must be taken at the same time as another course.

Credit Value – The number of credits you receive for successfully completing the course.  

Full Course Load - The number of total credits required to complete the requirements for a year of study (typically September through April) in a specific program as determined by the program structure.

Prerequisites – A course requirement that must be met before you can take a subsequent course.

Reduced Course Load – The number of units for the term is less than your term enrolment limit.

Required Courses – The courses you must take to complete your NAIT credit program. Check your program’s Courses page for details.

Term Credit Limit – The maximum number of courses you can take in a term. You will not be able to add any additional courses once you’ve reached this limit. Program approval is required if you wish to exceed the term credit limit.

Plan My Schedule

Course Status – The availability of a course, as listed in the Schedule Planner—open, full, or full with waitlist open.

Instruction Mode – The method of instruction offered for the course: online, evening, part-time, face to face.

Add, Drop, Swap Courses

5-digit Course Number – The assigned identification number unique for every course and session.

Add a Course – Select courses that you would like to take for a specific term. If a course has already started, you may add the course up to and including the first 5% of the course.

Drop a Course – Remove courses from your schedule before the add/drop deadline – up to 12% into the course – to avoid a financial penalty. Note: You cannot drop a class by simply not paying your fees or by not attending class.

Swap a Course – A function to drop one class and replace it with another. You may use the swap tool before the add/drop deadline.

Waitlist a Course – If the course selection you wish to enroll in is full, you may add your name to a waitlist. You will be notified by e-letter if you are added to the class.

Course Refund Policies – Withdrawals and tuition refund policies vary depending on your enrolment status.

My Schedule

My Schedule – The courses you are enrolled organized by term.

My Exam Schedule

My Exam Schedule – The date and times of your exams for each term. Exam schedules are subject to change. Check your MyNAIT Portal for updates throughout the semester.

My Deadlines

My Deadlines – Important dates for courses already in your schedule: Drop Deadline, Cancel Deadline and Withdraw Deadline.

Withdraw Deadline – The last day to withdraw from a course. The withdraw deadline varies by course length (percentage of term completion).

Grades & Transcripts

Academic Appeal – An assigned grade or academic progression decision may be re-evaluated or appealed. For more information visit here.

Academic Standing - Denotes your status based on your term grade point average (TGPA) posted every term on your MyNAIT Portal. There are two levels of academic standing: Good Standing and Academic Warning. This will appear on your official and unofficial transcript. Unofficial copies are available through your MyNAIT Portal.

Academic Warning – Students with a Term Grade Point Average below 2.0 are given an Academic Warning. Official and unofficial transcripts are updated with “on academic warning” at the end of the term.

Course History – All your courses, including in-progress and completed courses, and any advanced credit you’ve earned.

Good Standing – Students with a minimum of 2.0 Term Grade Point Average are considered to be in Good Standing.

Interim Grades – Grades for projects and assignments given throughout the term. Your interim grades are posted in Moodle.

Transfers & Withdrawals

Course Withdrawal – Leaving a course on or after the start date of the first class.

Credit Program Re-admission – To get back into a program you have withdrawn from, you must reapply for re-admission and meet certain criteria.

Program Withdrawal – Leaving a credit program on or after the start of your first class.

Transfer Credit – You may be eligible to receive credit for courses completed at another recognized post-secondary educational institution, or for courses completed in a different NAIT program.

Withdrawal Deadline – You may drop courses without academic or financial penalty before 12% of the course has been delivered.

Audit a Course

Audit a Course – Permits you to attend classes, but you do not participate in assignments or examinations. Course work is not evaluated, and no grades or credits are awarded. A grade of AU is reported on your transcript.

My Account

Manage your student information, read your e-letters, pay fees, and view receipts here.

Personal Information

FOIP – The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP). NAIT may disclose personal information if the individual the information is about has consented to that disclosure.

Apprenticeship Disclosure of Personal Information Form – This form authorizes NAIT to disclose certain personal information to your apprenticeship employer.

My e-letters

E-letters – A secure and reliable way for NAIT to send official communications to you directly via your MyNAIT Portal.

Tax Receipts

T2202A – This receipt includes the amount of tuition that can be deducted and the number of months of enrolment (used for the education and textbook amounts).

T4A – Every student who received a scholarship or bursary from NAIT will have a T4A statement posted here at the end of February.

One AT NAIT Card

One AT NAIT Card – Your official NAIT identification card that gives you access to all NAIT recreation facilities, library, printing on campus, and more. You can add funds to use at eat AT NAIT and shop AT NAIT locations, and wherever one AT NAIT cards are accepted.